Hockey Clinics

FL Hockey is rebranding its "On Ice" hockey program as Torres Hockey. FL Hockey would like to thank the clients that we have served over the past 10 years for their support and hopefully we have contributed to your childs development and happiness.

We are delighted with the launch of Torres Hockey as the premiere supplier of all " On ice" Power Skating, Skills, Goalie, Private and Team Session. As many of you are aware Casey Torres has been the lead intructor for FL Hockey for many years. Casey will continue providing innovative and exceptional coaching and teaching through this new brand.

We will continue to offer sport and  hockey specific off ice performance training as well as Adult Fitness at the FL Fitness facility on Cataraqui Woods Drive. Come check us out!!

We know you will be delighted with this new brand and it's commitment to providing excellent services to the Kingston and surrounding area

Thank you for a great 10 years and we look forward to the future.


The link to Torres Hockey's website in order to get information and for registration is