Fitness & Rehab

Fitness & Rehab

Fitness: At FL Fitness we focus on total body fitness. It is our goal to have your body working as an efficient machine. Our programs are tailored to each individual and range from the professional athlete to working professional and youth programs. We will help you achieve your goals of strength gains, improved speed & flexability, weight loss or toning. Our training sessions include Yoga, personal training, group training and one on one sessions.

Rehab: REHABILITATION, INJURY RECOVERY THERAPY AND PHYSIO THERAPY. FL Fitness utilizes the services of Kingston's leading physio therapist Joy Benn and our talented technicians to provide our rehabilitation program. We provide a safe and structured environment to assist in your rehabilitation and work with you to reduce the possibility of your injuries reoccurrence. Stretching, strengthening and stabilization exercises are a critical part of the rehabilitation process for most musculoskeletal injuries. Our therapists provide injury-specific exercises to help promote healing and return to pain-free activity and sports.

Our rehabilitation equipment is extensive and includes: Keiser air systems and bikes, hot and cold tubs, as well as, a variety of strenghtening and stability tools to support your rehabilitation and prevention program. Clients will be given an injury-specific supervised  programs designed to assist with their rehabilitation. Clinic-guided exercises allow the treating therapist to ensure that proper technique is used to maximize results.


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