About FL Sports

About Us

FL Sports is Kingston's and the surrounding area's premier supplier of Fitness, Rehab, Hockey and Goalie services. FL Sports is also a provider of Sports Management software.

Our Mission: We pride ourselves on ensuring that we achieve your goals with the highest level of professionalism and competence. Our staff is unparalleled in their expertise and passion for service delivery. 

Our Vision: We look forward to helping you in whatever you need to feel better, look better and perform better. Whether you are part of Fitness, Rehab, Hockey, Goalie or any other FL Sport, our goal is to achieve your results in an environment that promotes education, safety and the desire to keep moving forward.

Both our vision and mission statements are encapsulated in our slogan "Make every day your best day", giving our company and clients a motto to live by.

The Program

The continued success of our programs lies in the fact that they are designed for everyone, whether you're a high-end athlete or a recreational fitness enthusiast.

Our Fitness and Rehab programs work because they combine our specialized approach to fitness / rehabilitation with your vision, your ambition, your abilities and most importantly your needs. It's through this customization that we are able to truly develop a system that will not only get results, but most importantly, keep you motivated. It's not enough to show you how to achieve your goals; we ensure you never lose sight of them. Not ever. We don't customize people for our program. We customize our programs for the people.

Our Hockey and Goalie programs are designed and implemented by the best hockey instructors in the area. We pride ourselves in providing insructors who have both played and coached at the highest levels. Staying current with Hockey Canada's requirements and injecting real life experiences are the best way to ensure our customers get the best instruction. Our instructors work for the NHL, AHL, OHL organizations as a means to stay connected and educated.

The Facilities

FL Sports is located at 598 Catarqui Woods Dr# 9. We are a fitness and performance centre designed for everyone's use. Check out our facility pictures at the bottom of the home page.

At FL Sports we only accept major credit cards, etransfer and cheques as form of payment. We don't accept cash.

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